Gree 5.0 Ton Cassette AC GUH-60TW410

৳ 185,000.00

GREE GUH-60TW410 Cassette Type Air Conditioner 5.0 TON  Comes with excellent experience and all the latest features. If you think for a better quality AC at a reasonable price, this one would be the best choice for you.

Key Features:


  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode
  • Over long Distance Air Flow
  • Quite Design
  • Cold Air Prevention
  • 3D Air Flow


  • Timer
  • Auto Restart
  • Energy Saving
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GREE GUH-60TW410 Cassette Reduces energy loss and defrosts time by only defrosting when needed instead of by a set timer.



The sleep mode on an air conditioner is designed to give you comfort during your sleep by increasing the temperature every hour as you require less cooling while asleep as your body gets cold.



The thermal airflow sensor on flow-through-basis is an air velocity anemometer for determination of the amount and the direction of three-dimensional airflow in a gaseous fluid. The main application field is the determination of very low air velocities with changeable flow direction and high turbulence rates. GREE GUH-60TW410 Cassette



Automatically adjusts the indoor temperature in cooling or heating to reduce power consumption and maximize savings.



Your desired temperature is reach more quickly and maintained more evenly for better comfort, efficiency, and energy savings. Plus there’s less wear and tear on the components, increasing overall product life.


GREE GUH-60TW410 Cassette Air Conditioner Bangladesh :
The GREE GUH-60TW Air Conditioner Best Price Provide in Bangladesh is Dream Electrons with 5 Years warranty and service. In Bangladesh, Dream Electrons provide Free Home delivery and installation Service. 100% Brand New intake, 100% Original GREE GUH-60TW410 Cassette  All Model is available in Dream Electrons to Display center at Elephant Road, Dhaka.

Fast Cooling Mode cools the room fast by running the compressor at the maximum level; with the faster fan speed for 30 minutes. So it provides relief from the sweltering heat outside. Keeps going in the most challenging environments with Triple Protector Plus technology. Good Sleep mode creates a desirable climate for a good nights sleep. With its temperature control and moisture adjustment, it may help you feel comfortable during your sleep. When the air conditioner is turned off the Auto Clean function automatically runs; a fan to remove dust and moisture in the heat exchanger. So it stays clean and dry, which prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew. Gree new air conditioner would not allow your place to stay damp and muggy.

GREE GUH-60TW410 Cassette 5.0 TON Comes with excellent experience and all latest features.If you think for a better quality AC at a reasonable price, Buy this product in DARAZ & DREAM ELECTRONICS.




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